We help foot specialists, with complete solutions
We help foot specialists, with complete solutions
We help foot specialists, with complete solutions
We help foot specialists, with complete solutions
We help foot specialists, with complete solutions
We help foot specialists, with complete solutions

Freedom of movement

At LFT, we believe that everyone should enjoy the freedom of movement, without pain, without limitations. We believe that each patient should have access to the best foot treatment.
Every day when we wake up we try to achieve this vision.

We provide our customers complete solutions, to make complex matters easy.
Today LFT is a creator of custom-made insoles, providing advanced foot & gait analysis soft- and hardware solutions, to medical foot specialists. We enable foot specialists to gather patients' information, digitalize the design and produce custom-made insoles. We expect that in the future the medical foot treatment advice will be more data-driven, evidence-based and our solution will be even more flexible and suitable for upcoming technologies and innovations.

Welcome to our website

Behind the scenes, we are always optimizing our organization, products and services. We use innovative technologies to improve the workflow of foot specialists and to make foot treatment accessible to each patient, providing best custom medical insoles. 
We work on many improvements, innovations and we try to make them visible to our customers.

This website is still under development and is part of this new change. The appearance and content of this website are constantly updated with additional information.

For any questions/remarks, feel free to contact us. 

Phone +31(0) 887 800 200 or send an e-mail to info@lftonline.com.


Our complete solution 

At Leading Foot Technology we improve quality of life, by making the best custom-made insoles. We offer complete B2B solutions for the analysis and treatment of foot related problems, providing the best medical custom-made insoles. We can advise and create for you, tailor-made solutions for your Podiatry/Orthotic clinic. LFT provides products, education/training, and services that fulfill your organizations' needs.

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LFT has created a range of materials for insoles production, based on scientific work in collaboration with our customers, Universities and our innovation partners. In our webshop, you will find our standard materials portfolio, but if necessary we can make your own composition as well. If you want to order milling blocks for your CAD/CAM manufacturing, it is possible to purchase through our webshop. This one-stop shop method provides convenience and saves time. Take a look at our webshop.

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Custom insoles

LFT is creating custom-made insoles/orthotics for Podiatrists, Orthotists, Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapists. We know that the treatment of patients and quality of insoles are very important. That is why the quality of materials, design, manufacturing, delivery time and quality of final product are the key focal point for LFT.

We create insoles for diabetic foot, rheumatoid arthritis, sports, certified insoles for working shoes, children and daily life.

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